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Fellowship of St John the Divine

The Fellowship of St. John the Divine is a group of Orthodox Christians who are dedicated to supporting one another in their quest to grow in their Faith. The main focus of this group is to plan opportunities for Christian Fellowship, events for our 20-40 age group, and a committed rule of prayer.

Ladies’ Society

The ladies are an active group of women of all ages dedicated to prayer, charitable works, and mutual support as they strive to fulfill their calling in Christ through serving others. The Ladies Society offers retreats, social events, and fundraisers for the needy throughout the year.

Order of St Ignatius

The Order is the charitable arm of the Antiochian Archdiocese. Members in the local parish organize events to raise money for Archdiocesan and local charitable needs.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship for College Students

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the campus ministry program of the parish. Tuesday evening meetings and Thursday afternoon lunches are on the campus of the University of Louisville.


Our teens come together for fellowship, service, study and prayer. They gather throughout the year for retreats, Bible Studies, fellowship outings, service opportunities, and, of course, pizza.

3701 St. Michael Church Drive Louisville, KY 40220 | 502.454.3378 ext. 2

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