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Pascha Sunday, April 16
Beginning on Saturday night at 11:15pm – Procession, Paschal Matins, Paschal Divine Liturgy, The Blessing of Foods & Paschal Meal ~ Midnight
We have now entered completely into the joy of Pascha. Christ bursts the gates of death and the gates of Paradise are opened. Coming back into the church, we celebrate the Paschal Matins, and then go right into the Paschal Liturgy. After the Liturgy, the priest immediately blesses the Paschal baskets. Everyone is invited to stay for the parish meal in the fellowship hall.
Paschal Agape Vespers – 11 am
Agape Vespers continues the celebration of the Resurrection. It will be followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and a meal together in the fellowship hall.

Bright Monday, April 17
Paschal Divine Liturgy – 9 am

Bright Tuesday, April 18
Bright Paschal Vespers – 6 pm

Bright Wednesday, April 19
Paschal Divine Liturgy – 7 am

Bright Thursday, April 20
Bright Paschal Vespers – 6 pm

Bright Friday, April 21
Paschal Divine Liturgy – 7 am

Bright Saturday, April 22
Thomas Sunday Vespers – 6 pm

3701 St. Michael Church Drive Louisville, KY 40220 | 502.454.3378 ext. 2

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